Thursday, November 18, 2010

Has it really been a year?

As the women in our lives can attest to, remembering dates has never been our strong suit. So the exact date that Otis Cycles took flight will forever remain a mystery. But we decided that October would be a good approximation for the anniversary of Otis Cycles. Why pick just one day when we could celebrate all month! And just like our parents used to do, we marked the occasion with a family photo. Eight bikes in all, not a bad body of work for Year 1.

In summary, it's been a year of great learning for us. I think we can both say that any frame we build now is a huge improvement over those first attempts. And it's nice to have the confidence that our creations can actually survive out on the trails and pavement.

There's been many who have helped us along the way. The sage advice of the many builders on frame builders forum has been a life (frame) saver at many points. Bryce Wright down at AZ Bikes for his patience with our questions and gracious use of tools that have yet to find a way into our shop.

We are excited about all of the ideas yet to find form and new skills that will be added along the way.

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  1. ...a year since your last post. You guys still welding? Us lurkers want to know.
    Cheers from S AZ,