Sunday, March 28, 2010

Look for Otis Cycles #1 on the trails

Sorry for the delay in posting. I assure you, progress is being made. In fact, the first Otis Cycles creation is complete! Jenn is the proud owner of OCJF01. (I wonder if she's signed all of the waivers and releases of liability yet?) Enough with the chit chat, here's the pictures to prove it:

There was a lot of blood, sweat, tears that went into this (lots of blood, and loss of skin too), so here are some pics to document to process:

Seat tube / top tube with sleeve

Bottom bracket junction - by far the hardest spot to braze

All brazed and ready for filing

(mostly) filed - as if that step is ever "finished"

She's got a sweet back side

The requisite newly painted frame resting in the snow

Joth's cross frame (#1) is finishing up brazing this weekend. Pictures coming soon! And some new shop pics as there are new tools to show off.

And finally, we decided there should be some shiny new racers for these two sometime in the near future: