Monday, October 18, 2010

Recently back from powdercoating and built up is Anni's new 29er mtb. These pictures don't do the color justice, it's a sky-blue base with some metal flake in it, very cool in natural light. It will get gears as soon as I raid the parts bin.

Specs are:
HTA: 71 degrees
STA: 73 degrees
TT: 23.3"
ST: 19"
CS: 17.2"

DT: Nova 35mm 9/6/9
TT: 28.6mm x .035 4130 straight gauge bent in the roller
ST: Nova 28.6 external butted seat tube
CS: Nova oval chain stays 30/16, 8/6
SS: 16mm 4130 straight gauge bent in the roller mated with some tapered 16->12.5mm seat stay leftovers in a segmented design (not the intention, I screwed up the originals).
BB: 73mm

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