Friday, July 9, 2010

Shop Tour

I've been promising this for a while - here at long last is a look at Otis Cycles World Headquarters. It's not really lacking for anything at this point, the essential tools have been assembled. (except for maybe a nice Bridgeport mill, but that's a pipe dream at this point.) Now we just need to catch our skills up to our big ideas.

A current project in the jig - soon to be a schwoopy top tube, schwoopy seatstay cross / ride-it-anywhere bike. Stay tuned for updates on this one. This is where is all starts. Tubes are mitered and assembled for tacking/brazing.

Tubing roller. Used to create schwoopy top tubes, seatstays, and whatever else gets in the way. Cheap Harbor Freight version, but does the job for a couple of hobbyists (as witnessed by finished product in previous shot)

Tubing bender. Used to create tighter radius bends in seatstays and chainstays.

Files (and tunes). Used for mitering and cleaning up fillets. Can't live without these. There's a whole lot more scattered around the shop. And bench grinder in the background.

OA Brazing setup. Standard setup with Henrob torch and tips. And drill press for drilling water bottle bosses and vent holes.

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