Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Otis Cycles #2 reporting for duty, sir!

And then there were two. Joth's cyclocross/commuter muffin frame is back from the local powdercoater (shout out to John at Iron Horse Coatings - guy does good work). This one will be built up as the dusty roads commuter. Some pavement, some gravel roads, whatever it takes to get where I need to go.

Frame complete and ready for filing.

Somehow the pictures post filing / pre-paint have met an untimely electronic demise, so we'll move right to post paint. Color is "laser copper". Has a really cool metalic sheen in the sunlight. All in all - very pleased with this first effort.

Next builds are already in progress. Jason's working on the twin top tube Otis B. Joth will move on to a 29er mtb for Anni.

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