Thursday, February 11, 2010

Big flame keeps on burning

It's time for Joth to play some serious catch-up. Here a pic of my first seattube / bottom bracket fillet. Looks adequate.

Now that we've got this frame building thing mastered (that's a joke. I'm still convinced my first frame won't last 100 feet.) it's time to think about the build list.

Joth's list:
1. Cyclocross frame (current)
2. 29er mtb for Anni
3. lugged road frame?
4. 29/650B SS frame

Jason's list (correct me if I'm wrong):
1. 26" mtb for Jenn (almost done!)
2. 29/650B SS frame or
2. Split top tube cruiser
4. Fat bike

We're a few weeks out now from Flagstaff's "snowmageddon", and things are slowly getting back to normal. Here's what 54" looks like if you're not around to shovel:

On the bright side, I've got acres of skate skiing heaven a block from my house that should now have snow until spring.

Live long and prosper

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